Friday, November 9, 2012

Hilton Head

On our way to Hilton Head we stopped at Wadmalaw to see how the new house looks. Jacqui was in the middle of unpacking and organizing so I didn't take any indoor pictures, mainly because you couldn't see the indoors. I don't envy her the work she has to do but she thought she would have it done this week. I'll have to follow up with her and see how she did. Click on the picture to the right for a link to the pictures I took and ones that Gerry sent to me before all the things were moved back into the house.

Marriott Grande Ocean is the resort we're staying at and rather than post all the pictures here click on the picture below to view them.

It's our last day here and I haven't posted anything so here goes a  review of the week as best I can remember. It's been pretty cold here this week and we only walked on the beach two times but went in the hottub three times.  We'll probably do another walk today.
The first thing we did after checking in was go to Bi-Lo and get some supplies.

Monday morning they had a welcoming breakfast but we didn't win anything this trip. It was after the breakfast that we took our first walk. It's a great beach for walking and riding bikes. I would like to be here when the weather is warmer. I don't know if it's the time of year or if it's always like this but there weren't any shells on the beach and barely any birds, just those little tiny ones and these don't even play with the waves.

Once again an empty beach

The hottub was right outside our window and was nice and warm and cozy.  We took some self portraits and the second one is the way it came out.  Not photoshopped as it looks to me.  Probably could never get a shot like that again if I tried.

For lunch we had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  I can't remember the last time I had one of these and with a glass of milk.  It was good but I really would have liked to have had 2 pieces of bread and a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter instead of one, but I don't dare.  After all I have to save those points for wine and ice cream!
We woke up to heavy rain on Tuesday, as predicted and spent most of the day indoors.  It did clear up so that the Wine and Cheese welcome could take place at 4:00.  We went over early and took a walk on the beach, this time toward the south.
Wednesday was our trip to Savannah.  It's only about an hour from here and we went on the Old Towne Trolley tour of the historic district.
We rode with our driver Diva through most of the stops and then got off near the water to walk around a little.  She was really funny and made the tour more interesting because of her personality.  We got back on another trolley for one stop and got off for lunch.
We ate at Moon River Brewing Company and had their Slo-vannah (American Pale Ale) along with their lunch special.  I didn't eat all the fries :)
We didn't take another trolley but walked the rest of the route back to the car because we were able to go to the Market area.  There was a cookie store where you could sample all their varieties.
On the way back to Hilton Head we stopped at the outlet mall because I was going to get another UA cold weather shirt since I was wearing the one I brought almost every day.  I went into a bunch of stores and now Larry and I both agree on why it's a better idea for me to go shopping by myself.  I never did get the top or anything else but could really have a good time if I went back by myself.

On Thursday we went into Harbour Town to walk around and of course get something to eat.  We went to the Crazy Crab and got some She-Crab soup.  While walking around we picked out our next boat!
A little cut and paste to get the whole lighthouse in the picture.

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