Friday, November 2, 2012

Myrtle Beach - Day 5

This morning it was warmer at home than here but that was at 7:20 AM!
Later in the afternoon it was a different story.
Today was a real lazy day.  We didn't go to water aerobics, in fact we never left the room until after noon.  I worked on updating my blog and Larry read.

We went out for a walk on the beach around 1:00. and it was still windy as you can see from the flags on this house along the beach
but it was sunny and a lot warmer than it's been all week.  What was surprising was how the birdlife changed.  Instead of all the pelicans there were some other birds.

The tide wasn't low enough for us to walk down to the dock that we were trying to get to, maybe tomorrow.  There were more people out on the beach today
 and it was the first time we saw an advertising plane.  Probably because of the high winds or because there weren't any people on the beach to see what he was selling.
but heading back the beach looked deserted again.
We went back to our room to try and decide where to go for dinner.  After an hour we decided to either go to Tommy Bahamas or Nacho Hippo both of which are located in Market Commons which is our favorite area in Myrtle Beach with its cobbled streets, upscale stores, good restaurants and a nice Piggly Wiggly.  We had a hotel voucher to use so we were limitied as to where to eat.  After finally making the decision we decided to go down to the outdoor hottub.  It was beautiful out, it felt a lot warmer than when we went upstairs.  After being in the hottub and absorbing all that warmth we took the plunge in the Serenity Pool which had just opened this past week.  The only problem was could we take the walk over and back and survive.  Well, we did it and with no problem.  The temperature had gotten even warmer, it felt like it was in the 70s and sure enough, when we checked it was 72.
           (These pictures were taken before our trip down to the hottub.  I didn't take my camera
             or phone with me down that time so I have no proof of our actually being in the pool.)

When we got to Market Commons we walked all around the area enjoying the summer like weather for the first, and according to the forecast, the only day of our vacation. We walked by Tommy Bahama and it looked empty, although the restaurant next door was doing well with a lot of people sitting outside.  We eventually walked our way around to Nacho Hippo.  We went in and started with Margaritas, which were only and always $3 and made us think of Mexico.  We were going to start with the *!#(Bleep) Hole Nachos - Jerk chicken, mango salsa, shredded cheese, black beans, cilantro and then have a Quesadilla but the very smart waiter suggested he just start us with the nachos.  When we saw the size of the serving we could understand his suggestion. 
We took back half of it, although we did have seconds on the Margaritas.
We walked around some more and saw a beautiful sunset.  From our resort we've only been seeing the sunrises.

These are now our two favorite restaurants in Market Commons.

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