Monday, September 3, 2012

This 'n That

I looked this up on the internet, but couldn't find anything about watermelons not liking zucchini, but this zucchini and watermelon were next to each other and the zucchini rotted where it was the closest to the watermelon.
On Saturday we played golf and I had a great drive on the 9th hole followed up by a 5 iron shot that was good too!!
Sunday we went to the Bristol Valley Theater in Naples and saw Pass the Popcorn.  A really cute review of movie songs.  After dinner I took a walk and saw a beautiful sunset.
Earlier in the week I spent a bunch of days cleaning my desk and it's the cleanest I've seen it since I can't remember when.  The desk surface has been MIA for months.

The apple tree that backs up to the deck is filled with large, non-buggy apples.  Last year we didn't have any apples on the tree and most years they are very buggy since no one sprays.  This year they weren't sprayed either so I don't know where the bugs went but I'm starting to think about what I should make with the apples.  I feel compelled to use them since they are so handy to just pick while standing on the deck.


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