Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kauai #2

Wednesday, May 30
We went to the hottub and pool this morning and were the first ones there.  Today was the first day we had almost continuous sunshine.

Later we went to the owner update and got a lot of good travel information and changed our mind about the free dinner and got 5000 points instead.  After lunch we were going to drop Mom off in some water and headed toward Hanalei but it never happened, couldn't find a good place to leave her.

We did get to stop at this overlook on the way over and get some good photos.  The beauty here is the best part.
And we added ourselves to the beauty too.

On our way back we passed this Taro field.  Poi, a Polynesian staple food, is made from the corm (tuber) of the Taro plant.

We stopped and got pizza for dinner to make back at our place and then realized that we didn't have an oven.  After a little investigating we figured out that the microwave was a convection oven too.  Turned out this is one of the best frozen pizzas I've ever had and a few days later, for our last night, we got another one.  We'll have to see if we can find this at home sometime.
After putting the pizza in the freezer we went out for a walk and took a look at the path that goes down to the beach.  There were warning signs about the danger of going down the path but then we met a man by the golf course who had some kind of machine attached to him for his heart.  He told us that he walks down there and back every morning.  If he could do it so could we and that was our plan for the next day.

Thursday, May 30
Today was the day we were supposed to do our airplane tour but an hour before we were going to leave we got a call saying it had to be cancelled because the other people on our flight cancelled and they needed 3 paying customers to go.

So now it was time to tackle the hill to the beach.
It wasn't a big deal even though the sign sounded ominous.
 It was a dirt path on a hill which would be worse if it was wet but when we got down to the bottom
 we were rewarded with this
 This was also a perfect place to leave some of Mom since it was fairly secluded and she had never been here before both in previous and present form.
We had driven to the beach on the other side of the inlet a few days earlier
and it was a 6 mile trip

Friday, May 31
This was our Airplane tour day with Air Ventures Hawaii.  We were with a family of four who lived in Oahu but the husband was originally from Irondequoit where Larry and I lived for many years in separate lives.  Such a small world.  Larry even thinks he went to college with his father.

Together we took almost 300 pictures and almost 1/3 of them were Larry's, probably more than he's taken in most years.  I was so proud of him.

Larry got to sit in the copilot seat and was instructed on all the things he should NOT TOUCH!!  We were able to fly low, only got higher to avoid bumps and then we still had great visibility.  We saw things we had previously driven by and all the things we could never drive to because so much of Kauai is only accessible by water or on foot.

Below is just a sampling of the pictures.
Before takeoff
Larry as copilot
 Flying over the southern part of the island which is the most inhabited
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The Na Pali Coast, only accessible by boat or air

Larry pretending he is the Red Baron

Saturday, June 2

Homeward bound ;

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