Tuesday, June 19, 2012

For my Doctor

~ ~ A Note for the Doctor  ~ ~
Just like every other thing in my life, I was going to start this a lot sooner.  Now I had only 4 days until my appointment so let me try to list all the things I can complain about.

Having never been a sick or achy person I am finding that having to deal with all these issues is not something I am used to.  However, I am grateful that these are what they are when I see all the things around me that are so much worse.  I have no cause for complaint but I can still list them.

My ailments are so scattered and appear so infrequently that I often forget about them as quickly as they arise.  However, over the last few days I was able to itemize them as I was doing things.

Sunday I played golf and during the course of my probably not too good strokes and walking from one hole to the other, I noticed those areas that are areas of annoyance at other times too but not always in the same day.  Perhaps this was a message that I should make note and not forget all these parts.
1.  Right wrist
2.  Right shoulder - 1000 times better than when I hurt it a year ago doing Yoga
3.  Right hip clicked when I walked.  I thought it was my left hip that had the problem based on my bone density scans but maybe not.  Even today at Yoga I had to readjust in order to move my leg, while lying on my back, from an up in the air position to an out to the right one.  Not so for the left, it just went down in one motion.
4. Inside of right knee felt like it was going to cause me problems like my left one did back in the beginning of March.
5.  And just a little tennis elbow thrown in after the 9 holes.  It hurt on the inner right elbow joint.
My right side is failing me.

On Monday when I played, none of the above bothered me except for knowing my right shoulder isn't completely normal.   Must get back to doing the PT more regularly.

In the shower I notice that I seem to have a lot of vein/blood something around my ankles, especially my right again.

My eyes seem to have triple vision at a distance, at least with my contacts, need to try with my glasses.

Doing Yoga I also notice that it seems like I sometimes experience sciatic nerve feelings down my left leg - FINALLY the left gets into the act.

And of course, don't let me forget to tell you about all that back and neck stuff in April.

Then there's the pains in my back when I sit at the computer too long and the ones in my thumbs that I've learned to live with after going to thumb PT.

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