Monday, March 5, 2012

Pain of the Month Club

Probably no one would want to join this with me.  I don't even want to belong to it.  I don't know how I even became a member but I want out!

It was a year ago June that I injured my shoulder doing Yoga.  After waiting for it to get better for a few months I finally went to the doctor, physical therapy, got a cortisone shot and by December I noticed that as long as I kept doing my PT exercises, my shoulder was feeling pretty good.  However also in December I started getting dull headaches which grew into the Migraine Madness already mentioned near the end of January.

Now the latest.  I came back from Greta's Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning I woke up with a funny feeling on the inside of my left knee.  I didn't know what it was but it didn't stop me from taking our 2 mile walk.  On Thursday it was a little worse, meaning I could just feel it a little more but not enough to stop me from doing anything.  Friday it was a little more obvious but I was still able to do a 2 mile walk before work without any pain.  Saturday I knew that I didn't feel up for a walk but I was able to go out and do some shopping and I made soup and oatmeal cookies.  When I woke up Sunday it was much worse.  It hurt to move the knee from straight to a bent position.  Later on I couldn't even put weight on it without first letting it get used to being in a straigtened position and keeping it stiff.  Later that night Larry found a cane in the basement and this morning he dug up a walker which makes it easier to move around.  Once I'm standing for a while it is easier to remain standing and without assistance for moving around.

A call to the orthopedist is coming up, just waiting for the office to open.  Update:  have an appointment for 3:00 PM tomorrow. 

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