Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hockey Quilts

When Hunter called before Thanksgiving to ask me to make hockey quilts for all the boys I quickly said yes.  Of course, I never made a quilt before and where was I going to get fabric with hockey images.  As it turns out, there were very few fabrics with hockey motifs and they all had to be ordered online.  And how fast would I be able to make three quilts?  I did find a video on YouTube for making a quilt in a couple of hours.  When I spoke to Greta a week or so later I blamed her for telling Hunter to call me, but then she reminded me that I didn't have to agree to do it.  She was right, but how could I say no.

Then, when I was on Shutterfly to order Christmas cards I saw that I could order photo blankets.  Of course, then I had to get hockey photos.  I looked online but I wasn't able to get any pictures that would be of a high enough resolution to be used for the blankets.  I knew Laura was going to Greta's for Thanksgiving so I asked her to take some pictures of the kids ice skating.  Then when I was talking to Greta, she said she had pictures of the boys playing hockey.

I don't remember what took me to the Walmart site, but they had the fleece blankets too but they allowed for a lot more pictures.  I went over to the store to see if they had one in there so I could feel what they were like.  They did have one hanging up, pretty high, so I couldn't feel it but the picture quality was real good.  Later, when I was at Target I took pictures of hockey equipment (I don't know why I didn't think of it while I was at Walmart) - a skate, glove, stick and a net (I took a picture of the picture on the box).

I ordered the quilts and they came quicker than expected.  Good thing too, because I had to return the one I did for Hunter because it had a bunch of flaws.  No questions asked, quick return at the store where my account was credited and then I ordered a new one.  The workmanship was a little sloppy but because the return process was easy I would say that it was a good deal for the price and the boys seemed happy with their blankets.  The pictures below are from the website, not the actual quilt.  The actual quilt wasn't as square or even.
Myles's Blanket

Hunter's Blanket

Tucker's Blanket

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Em said...

how cute! Ok, great aunt Barb- we need a choo-choo train blanket- kidding!! Happy New Years!