Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Funny Smells GONE!!

On the Friday before Christmas, just when we were ready to leave to go to Greta's I noticed an awful smell in the basement. It was like a bad sewage smell. If we still had a dog we would have thought she might have had an accident. We didn't know if the toilets were causing the problem or if it was something from outside so we just shut off the water to the house and left. 

I had forgetten all about it until we came home yesterday and Larry mentioned that he still smelled it when he went down to turn the water on but he used some nice smelling glade spray to mask it. 
I woke up early this morning and could smell it again and later on in the morning it smelled more like H2S - hydrogen sulfide (rotten eggs).  When I googled to find the cause for that I saw that it could be a gas leak, but our carbon monoxide detectors weren't sensing anything.  We did have some work done on our furnace about a month ago and thought maybe there was something going on with that so we called our furnace company.  They sent the same guy out who did the repair and he checked out everything and couldn't find a problem.  He did notice that Larry had a marine battery charging and thought that maybe that could be the problem.  Larry had been charging it for about a week, since he's getting like me and forgetting about things.  He disconnected it and moved it out to the garage and we are no longer having ANY smell.  It turns out that batteries have sulfur in them.

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