Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Visit to Greta and Laura

There was going to be a Camp Somerset reunion in Boston on March 5 that Nadine and I were going to go to.  We would stay with Laura and she could come too.  First I went to see Greta and the boys on Thursday.  We had some hockey of course and on Friday afternoonTucker and I went to the movies and saw A Dog's Purpose.  Some more hockey for Tucker that night and we were going to go out to eat but it was so late that we just went home.  Myles had come with us but he ate at Chelsea Piers.  Tucker and I had leftovers at home and Greta and Charles went out to eat.

I took B2B pictures with each of the boys.  Tucker is the only one still shorter than me.

Greta and I went for coffee the next morning, we were both up early, and it was nice to have the time together.  I left around 9ish and got to Laura's before she got home and before Nadine got there.
There was snow at home that weekend but only cold in CT and MA.
We drove into Boston to the Prudential Center and wandered around Eately.

We were going to go to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner but it was packed with an hour wait.  We didn't want to have to go outside to find somewhere to eat because it was so cold but we found another place right near there and thanks to Laura's eagle eyes, we got ourselves a high table in the bar area and didn't have to wait at all.

On Sunday we all went to hot yoga and then to the reunion.  There weren't very many of us but it was fun remembering things and hearing about the new owners plans for the camp.

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