Saturday, January 30, 2016

Garbage Disposal Tips

Yesterday an awful smell was coming from the garbage disposal.  I took out the rubber piece which, even though I clean that regularly seemed to be covered with tons of black slimy stuff.  And then I stuck my hand inside the disposal, making sure no one was around to accidentally flip the switch.
YUK!!!  It was covered with black slimy stuff.  It was disgusting.

So I got out my sponge and started cleaning away.  When I got most of it, I put some Comet in to let it sit overnight and this morning it was almost good.  The bottom was nice and silvery except for some black gunk around those little stick up things.  Then I thought -- the internet must know what to do so here I am.  Here are some suggestions I found.

And I like this one the best because in reading the comments it talks about the Insinkerator and how it is a design flaw.  I bet I have the same one that they're talking about because we never had this problem before.  Anyway, I'm going to keep an eye on it going forward.
Look how spotless it is now (except for a little stuff around those blades).

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