Friday, January 29, 2016

Mississippi Roast

An easy roast on GMA today.  Maybe I'll try it.

Robin Chapman's Mississippi Roast
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From the Kitchen of Robin Chapman
Servings: Unknown
Difficulty: Easy
Cook Time: Over 120 min

Mississippi resident Robin Chapman is the unlikely star behind 
the Mississippi Roast, a slow-cooking dish with surprisingly 
simple ingredients that has become one of the most popular 
recipes on the Internet. Chapman says she shares credit for the 
recipe's fame with her friend Karen Farese, who helped launch the 
recipe to stardom by putting it in her church's cookbook. 
Chapman shared her famous recipe on "Good Morning America." Try 
it in your own kitchen!

(3-4 pound) roast, your choice of cut 

One stick butter 

1 package au jus gravy mix 

1 package Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix (dry) 

Pepperoncini peppers, number to your liking and a little juice


Sometimes we use chuck, sometimes sirloin tip, sometimes rump.

Sometimes we sear it. Sometimes we don't.

Put roast in slow cooker.
Add other ingredients.
Salt and Pepper 
if you like and cook on until tender.

Recipe courtesy Robin Chapman.

Recipe styled by Karen Pickus, chef/food stylist, "Good Morning 

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