Sunday, December 13, 2015

How to Kill a Day

I had the whole day to myself yesterday. I could have caught up on things I wanted to do after I came home from yoga. Before yoga I started gathering pictures into a folder in iPhoto for a magazine I was thinking of doing. However, sometime during the day I got sidetracked (diverted to distraction??) and thought of getting a picture for a digital Christmas card. Then I started looking for some cute things to do with photoshop and after watching a couple of videos realized I hardly know how to do anything in photoshop.
I tried a bunch of things, still not getting why my text doesn't work right but was able to try some new things. So after staying up until midnight I came up with these, which I'm not that impressed with.
Hopefully I do something a little more worthwhile today like practice the piano or clean up the office.

I made this one using a picture from Friday night but it is much too formal.

This was the original picture of us that I wanted to use.

When I came up with the Holiday "Cheer" I thought I needed a better picture showing cheer and chose this one and got a little more creative with the santa hats.  I like this one the best, a little goofy.

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