Monday, April 28, 2014

Laura's Birthday Weekend

It was girls weekend for Laura's birthday.

Larry and I drove together to Boston on Thursday and we hung out for awhile at Laura's until Michael called and said he was home and then Larry went over there to spend the weekend since it was Michael's birthday the following week.  How convenient that Laura and Michael have birthdays a week apart and live less than 3 miles apart.

On Friday Nadine arrived and we went into Boston happy that the construction was done.  We went to Joe's American Bar & Grill for lunch and wandered around.
Laura had a phone call to make for some project she was in charge of and set up her office outside of Crate & Barrel.
Friday night we all went to Michael's for dinner where he and Doris put on a feast and Karen and Meg were there too. A bonus to the weekend to have everyone together.
We celebrated Michael's May 5, Larry's May 18 and Laura's April 27 birthdays
I don't remember what we did on Saturday because I don't have any pictures and I'm writing this more than a month after the date, but we got takeout for dinner and took a bunch of silly pictures of ourselves.
On Sunday morning we got up bright and early and were at the Wegmans grand opening in Chestnut Hill by 7:15 AM.

We ran into Colleen Wegman and mentioned to her that it was Laura's birthday.
She later found Laura and gave her a birthday cupcake.  How super special was that?
And of course we had to have some coffee and a snack at the food court which is located at the front of the store.
Greta arrived in the afternoon and for Laura's birthday we went into Boston to Temazcal for dinner.
Their menus were on iPads.  And their food and drinks were yum!!  I was full after the margarita and chips and guacamole but managed to do justice to my dinner.
Previous generation sisters
All the sisters
Back at home we had birthday desserts that we had gotten earlier at Wegmans

These cards have to be preserved here too.

Note:  Tucker's card is still in that great hole in the sky with Larry's keys and some other things we mentioned over this past weekend at Greta's (6/13/14)

And some final pictures before everyone left the next day.

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