Friday, October 4, 2013

Star Lake

Mary organized a trip to Cobble Crest on Star Lake for a group of 10 women.  Here are some of the highlights.  This is the house right on the lake.
Here's the floating dock that we took out twice for happy hour.
Here's one of our trips out.
I took a hike with Ann, Mary, Carol I, Jean M and Carol Z from the Ranger school.
When we came back we saw a little turtle on the road and rescued it and put it in the grass.
This was my bedroom with a private bath,  I got it from a random drawing :-)
Here we all are after dinner when we carved our clementines (missing Trudy)
Jean D, Jean M, Ann, Carol Z, Carol I, Me, Mary, Jo, Chris (in case I forget who everyone is when I'm old and senile (oops, forgot, I'm already old).
This was my outstanding creation.
The next time I took a hike it was to Inlet.  The day was beautiful but it was very wet.  After taking an hour to go 1 mile because it was such slow going, Carol and Jean went back to get the car and pick us up at the other end.  Good thing.
Trudy, Mary, Jean D and I went on while Jean M and Carol I went back.
Once back at the house, we had Trudy's famous Godfathers (equal amounts of scotch and amaretto, YUM!!)
Mary and I getting ready to pack up
while Trudy and some others went out for a last kayak trip

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