Monday, September 30, 2013

Hilton Head

On the way to Hilton Head we stopped for awhile to visit Gerry at Wadmalaw to see the final version of the house, which still hasn't been put up for sale.  On the road going to his house we ran into a swarm of love bugs and Larry still can't get them off his car.  This is an interesting article about them.

This is a view into the kitchen
 and I got to see one of those great spiders too.

We arrived at our resort about 4 and were greeted by the friendliest staff.  We were given a room on the third floor of buildin #4 - Osprey with a great view of the marshes.  It was such fun watching the landscape change everytime the tide came in or went out.

Our first stop was to Publix, my favorite southern store to get some food for the week and some 2 for 1 specials.  We had pizza for dinner that night (one of the 2-1) and again before we left.
On Sunday morning there was a welcoming brunch that had to be held indoors because of some rain.  There were door prizes and Larry, who's on a lucky streak at these things lately, won 2 decks of Marriott Vacation Club cards.
We rented bikes for the week and went out for a ride on the bike paths that are all over the island.
On Monday we finally got out of here around 2 and went for a bike ride.  We rode over to Piggly Wiggly to get more coffee,
came back and played tennis
 and then went to a wine and cheese gathering at the pool.  We played 2 games of Name That Tune
and even danced a little.  After we got back to our place the sky opened up and it poured.

On Tuesday the winds picked up and our nice peaceful water developed whitecaps.  We did a bike ride even though it looked like it was going to rain, but it never did.

On Wednesday we played golf

and we were lucky to have a perfect day.
We obeyed the sign and didn't feed the alligator.
These birds were right near the alligator, did they want to be dinner?
I don't remember what we did on Thursday, but we did see a beautiful sunset.

Friday we went to Harbor Town to walk around
 and saw some dolphins
Low tide and great for kayaking with what looks like lots of islands
And high tide,  we read that there was an 8 foot difference
On the way home we stopped in Fredericksburg and stayed at the Fairfield Inn.

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