Sunday, September 15, 2013

Myrtle Beach

We left Saturday morning, Sept 7 *¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to Me ♪♫•*¨* 15 minutes ahead of plan.  We stopped at our favorite Pennsylvania Welcome Center rest stop

and then stayed overnight at the Residence Inn Fredericksburg using my free night from my Marriott Rewards card.  We went to eat again at the Mexican restaurant that we ate at last year on our way down.  If I didn't have it on my blog from then, I wouldn't have remembered the name, Cancun Margarita Bar & Grill.  I ordered the same thing as the year before, the BTO Loco burrito and this was what I had for leftovers.
Audrey and Steve came to Myrtle Beach too but we got there before them but the room wasn't ready so we went to the hot tub.  By the time we got out they were already in the room.
The first night we had Audrey's pesto pasta and Larry had my leftovers.  The weather was beautiful so happy hour on the deck was a nightly event.
The first morning we were there, we woke up to a visitor on our window.
Larry and Steve played golf twice and Audrey and I went to a sort of yoga class and water aerobics/yoga a couple of times as well as walked the beach.

Larry walked the beach one day when we went to exercise and he got a blister on his foot.  The day before we left we walked the beach, Larry left his shoes on, and I almost got 2 blisters on the same foot.  I limped for the rest of the day but they never really developed.  Guess I can't tell him he's so delicate anymore.
We went to Murrells Inlet on Tuesday and had lunch at Drunken Jack's

 Audrey had soft shell crabs
Larry and I got the sesame encrusted tuna salad that we always got and Steve must have gotten something that wasn't picture worthy :)
 On 9/11 the staff had a memorial at the pool at 8:46 AM
 On our walk there was this jelly fish that looked more like a jelly blob,
 This is where we had the water aerobic classes.
 Our last day to walk the beach

 And go in the hottub

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