Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas, etc

I made a photobook for Greta and you can see it here on Picaboo

We drove to Boston on Thursday, a day earlier than originally planned since the weather wasn't going to be too good on Friday.  I stayed with Laura and Larry stayed with Michael.  Laura worked on Friday so I hung out with Larry in the afternoon and Laura came over to Michael and Doris's after work as did Karen and her family.

On Monday we went to Greta's where we had our annual Christmas Eve dinner at Abis.  Tucker was a star at breaking the egg.

Christmas morning before presents were opened.
One of the pieces from the selection Myles played for us.

We took a long walk around Tod's Point
A lovely dinner at Erin and David's
Back to Greta's and into our traditional Jingle Jams from Laura (slippers from me).

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