Sunday, October 2, 2011

US Olympics - Made in China

I can't believe that the US Olympics committee or whoever is responsible for obtaining the goodies to give to contributors would get things that are "made in China."  A couple of years ago we got some fleece jackets for contributing to the US Olynpics, I practically live in mine.  Last year we got another pair and last week another one.  By chance I happened to look at where they were made and the first one, which by the way happens to be the best quality of all of them, was made in the USA.  The other two were made in China.  What does this say about what is going on with things in this country?  The US Olympics buys from China?  How about the US Olympics supporting the US?

I was pretty upset by this and sent them an email.  I have not heard back.
2009 Jacket
2010 Jacket
2011 Jacket (Made in China on reverse side of label)

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