Thursday, October 27, 2011

MacBook Memory Upgrade

In order to upgrade our latptops to Lion we needed to upgrade the memory to 2 GB since it only came with 1 GB.  I stopped into the Mac store on my way home from Greta's and some wonderful employee gave me the name of a website where I could be sure of getting the correct memory I needed for our laptops.  I ordered it and got it on Friday and followed the instructions on the Apple site and installed in.  Still haven't upgraded to Lion though.
Here I only had 1 GB of memory
This is the new memory
Here it is before I took it out of the box and with the supplies the instructions said I would need
 This is the view looking into the parts that needed to be removed
 A metal piece first needed to be removed by loosening three screws
 Here is the metal piece that needed to be removed
I removed the old memory and replaced them with the new
Just needed to make sure they got pushed in really hard so they weren't loose
And voila - 2 GB of memory

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