Monday, October 31, 2011

Accident Update

Here are some of the pictures I took as we drove by the accident

This must be the news helicopter
and this is the report that I found online conerning the accident.  It's amazing that everyone was OK.
 Car Slams Into Disabled Tractor-trailer
North Carolina (October 31, 2011) 
A BMW crashed into a disabled tractor-trailer on I-95 south near Exit 116 in Wilson County.  The tractor-trailer, loaded with concrete pillars, had broken down around 7 a.m. and was on the right shoulder, with safety markers displayed near mile marker 112.  A crew from Coastal Constructors Heavy Haulers, was in the process of making repairs when around 11 a.m. the BMW crashed into the rear of the tractor-trailer.
The driver of the BMW, Edwin August Jaenke, was towing a U-haul trailer and was traveling south on I-95 when he drove through the safety markers, slamming into the left rear of the semi.  The force of the impact sent the vehicle across the left lanes of I-95 south and into the center median.  The vehicle finally came to rest near the tree line with severe damage to the passenger side.  The U-haul trailer was demolished, littering the roadside with personal belongings.
The tractor-trailer sustained heavy damage to the rear wheel area, fortunately none of the men working on the tractor-trailer were injured.
Edwin August Jaenke was injured and transported by ambulance to the hospital.  Claire Jaenke, his passenger, suffered a compound fracture to her leg and was flown by helicopter to Pitt Memorial Hospital.  According to North Carolina State police the couple, in their 80’s, are from Naples Florida.
The North Carolina State Police are investigating the accident.

There was a mess all over the side of the road from the personal items that were being transported.

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