Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mother's Day Weekend

It was my slowest moving day.  I just couldn't get moving.  Usually I pack the night before I go but this time I packed in the morning.  It was only for a weekend and I wouldn't need that much and I actually did a good job of not overpacking.

On the drive Greta said if I got to her house by 5 we could drive together to Tucker's lower school concert.  I was 20 minutes away and all of a sudden my GPS showed a delay of another 20 minutes.  So I went straight to Brunswick and got there an hour before the start and got us the best seats right in front.

A jazz number
Tucker plays drums

The next day I went to Grandparents Day.  I met Tucker's homeroom teacher and then his whole glass and their guests went to science where we made up our own version of a code and a magnetic transmitter.  When we went back to the classroom each boy read a paper that he wrote about a grandparent.  Tucker wrote about me and it was so funny how all the papers that kids who wrote about grandmother's talked about how they always made their favorite foods.  Mine had nothing to do with food.
Saturday Laura came by train to Stamford so we went to the movies before her train arrived.  Myles didn't go because he had lacrosse practice in the rain.
I have this app on my phone called Action Movie that Tucker got really good at and this is one of his masterpieces.
Yahtzee was a big deal over the weekend.  Wonder why I don't have the yahtzee video.

Greta made a great dinner Saturday night
The artistic ones did some painting
The next day Hunter made Mother's Day breakfast

When they left for their games Laura and I drove to her place and met Nadine there where we never took any pictures but had a great time hanging out.

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