Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Port St Lucie

We were finally back from all our cruising and were going to spend 2 weeks in one location, finally!!
The first week we were there, at the Sheraton PGA Vacation Resort it was really hot - in the 90s.  The second week was more like the 70s.  Something in between would have been nice.

We had to change villas after a few days because we had a number of problems.  One was that there was a gap under the door and bugs kept wandering in and the other was that the air conditioner had some kind of problem that made the rug in the dining room soaked.   Before the air conditioner soaked the rug this disgusting lizardy thing came in the door.  The guy at the resort said it was a skink.  Unfortunately I couldn't get a good picture of it.

We went to our favorite restaurant in the area, Shucker's on Hutchinson Island, twice and got our favorite fish tacos.

We stopped at BJ's on our way back one time and found this hummus which has become our favorite, especially with Kettle Popcorners.

Larry played golf a couple of times, my cousin Michael came to visit (what no pics???) and we did a lot of walking.
We took a hike at the Oxbow Eco-Center.  They need to put a sign up that says "watch out for floods after heavy rain."  We had to walk around a lot of mini lakes along the path and in one spot we had to turn around completely and find another way out.  This was one we were able to walk around.
 We went back to Shuckers and had the exact same meal as always.  YUM!!!
 On Saturday we went to the Ft Pierce Farmers' Market.  Next time we're going to go hungry because there were so many delicious cooked foods being sold.
 I was going to have Larry take a picture of me with my arm wrapped through the statue of this woman
 until I read the plaque - then it was too sad.
 And some nice person took our picture.

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