Wednesday, April 22, 2015

More travels - April 17-22

We stopped in Delray at Doris and Michael's after our cruise to do laundry and spend the night before our short cruise to the Bahamas leaving from the Port of Palm Beach.  By coincidence they were going to be spending the weekend in Florida so we got to see them too!

We went to lunch at a great hamburger place, BURGERFI,
that wasn't there the last time we were.    Delicious!
We had dinner with Mary, Alan and Peter (who brought the yummy take-out Italian) and the next morning we went out for breakfast before leaving for the next port.

We were on the Grand Celebration to the Bahamas.  It used to be a Carnival ship but when the old ship this company used ran aground they bought this one,
I practically lived in this dress/cover-up, it was multipurpose for our cruises.

the worst part about this trip was that there was so much hanging around time.  When we got to the resort around 10 we had to wait until 3 to check in.  When we checked out at 10 we had to wait until 2:30 for our bus back to the port.  Larry entered a dart contest that a woman won.  We both entered the bocce tournament.  We didn't win but we became friendly with the couple that did and when they were leaving they gave us the bottle of rum they won because they were flying back to Florida.

It was our anniversary the night we sailed back and we
got to have a table by ourselves and got this special cake.

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