Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Falling Apart?

With only 10 days left before we were leaving for 8 weeks things started going.
First a bridge in my mouth got unglued.  Fortunately I was able to get into the dentist the next morning and have it glued back.

The hard drive on our iMac is in a non repair state but that will have to wait until I get back to get a new one since I probably wouldn't have had it back before we left so it might as well sit at my house than in a repair shop.  I'm going to take it to the place in Pittsford, Fixingfox, where I took my memory to have installed after I couldn't get it to stay in when I tried to do it myself.  This time I'm not even going to try to do it myself.

And then I all of a sudden was getting a little desperate about my hip and would have gotten another cortisone shot if I could have gotten an appointment but I couldn't.

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