Sunday, March 8, 2015

Amazon delivers on Sunday??

I almost forgot to order the bug spray and lotion that was recommended by fellow cruisers on Cruise Critic for our upcoming Western Caribbean trip that will take us to some buggy places.  I ordered it on Friday from Amazon and since we have a Prime membership was informed that it would be delivered on Tuesday.

Today we went over to see Marge and Darren.  We wanted to see the work they've been doing to create 2 new bedrooms and a bathroom and drop off the quilt I made for the baby that will be born while we are gone.  After we drove into the driveway Larry went to check on what was happening with the huge ice mounds that have started melting on the roof above our kitchen by our front door.

He came into the house with a package in his hands from Amazon and it was for me.  I couldn't imagine what it was unless I ordered something that I completely forgot about and of course I didn't like thinking about that - you know, that Alzheimer's worry.  And when did it get deliverd, no one delivers on Sunday.

I opened the package and sure enough, it was my bug stuff.  I went to the computer to look up the tracking information and sure enough, found this:
Sunday, March 8, 2015 10:46 AM, Webster NY US               Delivered

So then I had to Google "amazon delivers on sunday" and found out that they do!!

Have I been living under a rock??  It started in LA and NYC in 2013 so if I knew it I just let it go in one ear and out the other because it didn't apply to me and maybe I heard about it for Christmas but thought it was just for Christmas.  But in Webster?  In March?  Is this a good thing or necessary?  I was fine with my package coming on Tuesday but OK that it came on Sunday.  It's a good thing thought, that Larry went to the front door because otherwise it could have sat there for days.  Found two interesting articles about the situation.

This one explains it's existence.  Click here.

This one is from the point of view of a postal worker.  Interesting read.  Click here. 

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Em said...

That looks like some super industrial repellant!!! We are also prime members - it's awesome :)