Thursday, February 19, 2015

February in Webster

Conversation from February 12th
Larry to Me:  Would you like to go Cross Country Skiing today?
Me:      Didn't you mean to ask "Would I go Cross Country Skiing, not "Would I like to", because you know I never like to!"
Now I don't know why that is always my response for any kind of outdoor activity in the winter.  It could be because I hate the cold.  It could be that I don't want to have to get dressed.  Or it could be that I don't want to do anything except stay home and play on my computer or do something craftsy.
However, the truth is every time we do go do something at Larry's prodding, I LOVE IT!!!

Here are some (a lot) of the beautiful pictures from our glorious days outdoors this month in the FREEZING COLD

Snowshoeing at Whiting - 2/3
Whiting - 2/3
XC Skiing in Webster Park - 2/12 - not so sunny but still a perfect day
Webster Park - 2/12
Lake Ontario from the Outlet Bridge pier on Lake Rd - 2/13
Another view of Lake Ontario - 2/13
Outlet to the Lake from the Bay - 2/13
Irondequoit Bay - 2/13
Just driving home on Ridge Rd as the sun was setting - 2/13
More snow - 2/15
Almost an avalanche out our front door - 2/15

Shoveling can wait until tomorrow - 2/15 
Lynn and Jane probably don't want to rush home - 2/16 
Walking down to the clubhouse to take some more pics - 2/16
A view from the clubhouse area - 2/16
From our driveway - 2/16
Snowshoeing at Whiting Rd Nature Preserve - 2/17
Whiting Rd Nature Preserve - 2/17
Whiting Rd Nature Preserve - 2/17
Whiting Rd Nature Preserve - 2/17
Soaking up the sun at the Overlook - 2/17
Whiting Rd Nature Preserve - 2/17 
Snowshoed down to the boat docks - 2/17
Kayaks are in good shape - 2/17
The snow and the docks are level - 2/17
This is a good reminder - 2/17

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