Friday, August 15, 2014

Laura Visit August 7 - 11

After leaving Greta's I drove to Laura's.  On the way I ran into a 7 minute hail storm but pulled off to the side of the road to wait it out.
The next day we drove downtown and parked at the Prudential Center and first thing we did was buy something so we could get the discounted parking.
Someone was nice enough to take our picture.
 For lunch we went to Joe's
 and took a selfie
 Then we got someone else to take our picture down by the pier.
We saw entertainment in front of Quincy Market
and other street entertainment
 We walked around Boston
 Walked through Quincy Market
 and Boston Commons but didn't stay for the play
We went back to the Prudential Center and when we went to pay our parking fee realized that we never looked at the check-in time of the ticket and had to pay full price because we were 4 minutes late!!

At night we went to Wegmans for the $6 meals.
On Friday we went to Mooney Street for some rug shopping.  Laura got 2 new rugs and Sydney quickly adopted the one inside the house.
and we went to the car wash
On Sunday we took a walk, went kayaking and to Margaritas for dinner.  A great weekend!!

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