Saturday, August 9, 2014

Greta Visit August 4 - 7

I drove to Greta's on Monday and when I got there no one was home. Fortunately I could get in the house and I was listening to a good book so once I unloaded the car I sat out on the second level deck in the front of the house that had some comfy chairs. Around 6:30 I finally called Greta, who was at work to find out where everyone was. Charles had taken them to a water polo game and Greta said she would be home soon.
Everyone eventually was home and tired and bed time no longer entails stories since they can all read on their own. The boys all went to bed because the next day there was a Divisional swim meet. Charles was assisting so he took the boys in the morning and I came later with Bev.
A video from the event
Tucker taking a breather!

I helped Greta get ready for a dinner she was going to have on her widow's walk.  We carried
everything up there on Monday night and then the last minute things on Tuesday and then some
miserable wasp/bee that had a nest under the opening at the top of the stairs BIT ME on my knee.
My knee swelled up and the next day my ankle and lower leg.  Needless to say I was on Benadryl for a few days.
Bev took the boys to the playground at school and I walked down to meet them on Wednesday.
Back at home I helped Tucker finish up his summer school work.
Later that day, after going to the doctor's with Greta for a stomach ailment, we went to the water polo meet back at the Lake Club.  On the way there, the sky got very dark and we only got a little wet before reaching the sheltered area when the sky really opened up.  The kids had been out of the water for a 1/2 hour already because of the thunder.  Once the weather cleared the game was on and Rocky won!

The awards ceremony
A picture for me to take home.
And Tucker showed me a hidden talent.

At Rocky on my last day, Tucker liked hanging out with the big kids playing table tennis.
Myles and Hunter were going sailing in the afternoon but it took them more time than I had so I left before they took off.

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