Thursday, November 21, 2013

Visit with Laura and Greta - Nov 2 - 8

This was a spur of the moment, sort of, visit.  Greta was giving her notice at Bloomberg and then was going to have three weeks off before she started her new job, as VP of Brand Strategy at Pitney Bowes so she suggested I come to visit while she had some time off.  After a weather delay on Friday, Nov 1, I left on Saturday to go to Laura's.  We hung out on Saturday, had a late lunch and then decided to go to DSW before it got dark.  When we went down to her car, the battery was dead.  She called AAA and they came really quickly and installed a new battery.  After that we decided we didn't want to go to the store.  It was already dark and we were tired.
The next day we went to the gym, Laura to Zumba and me to Yoga.  Then we stayed after and Laura did the stairmaster and I walked around the track.
View from the track.
There's Laura on the stairmaster.

After we came home, Laura had an event at Sherry's to go to and I went to the store and made my squash soup that we had for dinner.  I brought a quart with me and we ate it on Saturday.
Her place looked really neat now that she's becoming so organized and neat.
On Monday morning we went to DSW and Laura got a new pair of boots.  Then we went to the train station and picked up Greta.  We went out for lunch then Laura and Greta went to the gym and I worked on emptying Laura's cabinets so that they could get as organized as everything else.

We had squash soup for dinner again and took a break for a group shot.  I hardly took any pictures this time but we did take a few corny ones later on for fun.
Tuesday when Laura went to work, Greta and I drove to her house.   Monopoly was the game of choice with the boys and we played the electronic version and also the old fashioned one too.
A picture of the boys.  The only one I took of all of them.  What was wrong with me??  Well, I'll see them again at Thanksgiving, which now is only
She did a presentation for Hunter's class on Wednesday about marketing as a career and then the kids broke into groups because each group had to do a commercial which she came back to film and edit.
After we left there we went to lunch at the Cos Cobber where we went when we were there for Mother's Day and I got the exact same lunch, a Grilled Vegetable Wrap and it was as good as the first time.
Thursday morning I drove home.

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