Thursday, November 21, 2013

Laura's Poem

Laura was at a Woman's Weekend this past weeked and one of the projects they had to do was write some sort of message to their mother.  Laura wrote this poem (in only the 15 minutes they were allotted) and when she read it to me over the phone we both had tears rolling down our cheeks.  I wanted to save this forever.  I love you Laura!!

A poem for my mother
A woman like no other
Who I love with all my heart
To me you're a beautiful piece of art
With you I have so much fun
Our good times are never done
Over the years we've had some disagreements and fights
But always share our love for each other by that night
Our anger never lasts long
Because we know to stay mad is wrong
You've been with me through thick and thin
It's because of you I'm able to love myself from within
There were times when life got tough
I'd call to say I'd had enough
You'd listen to what I had to say
And tell me to make my way
Sometimes you had no sympathy
But I know you were being tough for me
You showed me how to be independent and strong
Something you've been all along
Together we've done so many things
I look forward to new adventures our lives bring
It's time to bring this poem to an end
I love you Mom, you're my best friend.

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