Saturday, June 8, 2013


We had a tour today booked through AP Tours thanks to Tina from Australia who organized it.  Piña (short for Josephina) was our guide.  Our first stop was Pompeii.  Amazing to think of how old everything there is and that it was buried under 20 feet of ash from Mt Vesuvius for 1700 years before they started excavating.

The large stones below were for walking across the street.
Can you see the grooves from the chariot wheels?
The structures on the side of the road were stores and housing was above them.
                                The body below is based on remains that were found.
The brothel had pictures of services that were offered or else they were for inspiration and
outdoors in the street was a visual pointing the way (center of picture below). The ruts in the
street leading up to that area were the deepest.  The bed of stone didn't look too comfortable.
An hour drive, with WIFI on the van took us to Positano. 
A beautiful town on the side of a mountain with narrow winding roads.

 They're famous for limoncello but we didn't buy any since we would have to transport it.

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