Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cruise & Toulon

This is heaven.  I'm sitting on our balcony at 7:50 PM in the Port of Barcelona.  The sun softly penetrates my skin and I close my eyes and start drifting away as the warmth on my face lulls me to another place.  Our departure has been delayed because something needs to be delivered to the ship.

We arrived at the dock at noon and were able to get right on board.  No lines, no fuss and we took a cab from the hotel.  No getting lost this time.  We wandered around the ship and became familiar with our surroundings.

 We loved the balcony and got a lot of use out of it.
We had a muster drill at 4:30 and then went to meet the other people from Cruise Critic on the deck behind Raffles.

Our dinner tonight was at the steakhouse Cagney's.  We ate appetizer - shrimp cocktail, chopped salad, made a surf & turf by sharing salmon Oscar and each getting a 5 oz fillet mignonette that was like butter.  For dessert I had apple crisp (with very plump raisins) with ice cream and Larry had a sinful brownie with ice cream with some other name on the menu.

Needless to say we needed to walk around after that.  Found our way to the photo gallery and the real quick photo we had taken as we boarded came out really good.  I might lose my resolve not to buy any photos.

Checked out the entertainment but it was all pretty mellow so we came back to our cabin.  Les Mis was on TV and Larry fell instantly to sleep.

Before dinner I was going to change my earrings and realized I never unpacked my jewelry.  I don't even remember packing it so I'm wondering if it got left on the bed with a sheet tossed over it when I was packing.  Fortunately it was all jewelry I made so I'll have to remake when I get home.  Another project!

Day 2 - Toulon, France

Coffee in our cabin early in the morning as we pulled into port was so nice.

We walked around the town following the gold markers in the street with our trusty map in hand.
 I love the European outdoor markets
I bought a bag for €3 that I used for 3 days before the zipper pull came off.  Couldn't get it back on but still was able to use it.  I don't know why I didn't bring a big bag with me, probably all the talk about pickpockets, but it was a necessity!

Our biggest challenge was finding a bathroom, or toilette in Europe.  We walked as far as the train station figuring there must be one there and there was.  Unfortunately it cost € .20 and we couldn't figure out the change machine and there was no one who could give us change.  

Finally we walked away and saw a coffee shop that not only had bathrooms but also free WIFI!!

The first of many fountains

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