Thursday, April 11, 2013

Daytona Beach - April 6-13

Saturday, April 6
We arrived in Daytona Beach around noon on Saturday, a little early for our 4 PM check-in to the Sunrise Beach Club.  When we went to the office, they told us that our room would probably be ready around 2:00 so maybe we could get lunch and come back later.  We decided to take a walk along the beach to a restaurant down by the Boardwalk.   This is the first time we were on a beach where cars could drive on it and park.
 This clock is on the Boardwalk and instead of numbers it says Daytona Beach.

We went down to Joe's Crab Shack but after looking at the menu there wasn't anything I wanted to eat so we started walking back along the street thinking maybe we would find someplace else to eat.
We found a rib place that looked good, at least popular, but there was a long waiting line so we kept moving. We were dragging for the last few blocks, couldn't figure out why. When we got back to the car we decided to go over to the plaza where Publix is and we could get a sandwich there. Instead, there was also a Subway in the plaza so we got a chicken sandwich to take back with us hoping we could check in. We were able to check in and after unloading the car we enjoyed our sandwich with chips and sodas.  Below is a collage of our place, quaint and cozy.

Then we both collapsed. We had tickets for Once Upon a Mattress at the Daytona Playhouse. After taking naps we went to a Contemporary Worship Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes which was only a few blocks from the playhouse and barely made it to the play in time.

Sunday, April 7
The weather was a lot better today.  We went in the hottub,
took another beach walk, this time going North instead of South.

Saw my favorite crested seagulls

and although we walked just as far today as yesterday we were wide awake.  In fact, so wide awake that we didn't go to sleep until around 2 AM.  Larry was reading a good book and I was doing something on the computer.

Monday, April 8
The weather continued to improve.  We took a walk along the beach south again and came back and enjoyed the hottub and pool.

 They do a really good job of patrolling on the beach.
 Good day for a shadow picture, but since it was noon our shadows were pretty tiny.
I went to Beall's Outlet, my favorite place for under $10 sunglasses and also found a pair of pants.  A stop at Publix and then the ABC store, Absolute Vodka 2/$55 and back home 3 hours later.

Tuesday, April 8
Today was the best weather day so far.  We got an earlier start and went into historic Daytona Beach and to the Angell & Phelps Chocolate Factory and did the tour.
After walking around the town we went to the Dunlawton Sugar Mill Gardens, an old sugar mill (and not a very successful one) in the 1800s.  The Indian attacks had something to do with that.

 They had a human sundial.
 Just need to add an hour for DST
 It went from being a sugar mill to a tourist attraction and Botanical Garden after WWII complete with dinosaurs.

A quick stop at Publix on our way back, 6 bottles of Schweppes Diet Tonic (yay!!!) some down time and then I went to yoga at the recreation center across the street and Larry did Tai Chi and went in the pool and hottub while I was there.  I did a little hottub when I came back and what do you know, it was Happy Hour!  Tomorrow we have a tour booked in St. Augustine for 11:00 so no hanging around all morning watching my favorite morning TV shows.

Wednesday, April10
We had reservations for an 11:00 AM tour in St. Augustine this morning so I was almost  ready to go by 9:00.  Just as we were on our way, I got a text from Peter, the tourguide and owner of Gold Tours, who said that he could take us 1/2 hour early because his other people from our group were going later.  We were able to get there at 10:30 and had a private tour.
This was a sulfur pond, pretty stinky but supposedly healthy as Peter put some of the water on his achy knees.
 This is Magnolia Street.  After all the magnolia trees died they were replaced with oaks.
When it was built, the room below was the worlds largest indoor swimming pool in the Flagler Alcazar Hotel.  Now the hotel is the Lightner Museum and the pool hosts a cafe.
Flagler built this church in memory of his daughter who died following complications from childbirth. 
After our tour we walked around Old Town and ran into Iris and Rob from Rochester on the second floor of  the Miguel O'Reilly House Museum. 
After wandering around some more we decided to head back and find someplace to eat on the way. After looking at several menus, and rejecting them, I found a place that suited me. I had a 19 PP meal and it was worth every single point.
 I had a pint of Highland Gaelic Ale and Larry had the Guinness
 8 oz Angus burger with Gorgonzola cheese and a toasted ciabatta bun.  I didn't eat any of the fries which would have added a zillion more PP.
We drove back along A1A and decided to skip our beach walk but we did go in the hottub.  We also skipped dinner but did have a 0 PP fruit plate.

Thursday, April 11
A lazy day. We took a walk on the beach toward the boardwalk so I could take pictures of where Laura stayed when she came down here when she was in college.  When she came it was the Whitehall Inn then it became a Radisson and now it's the Plaza Ocean Club.

There was a Cheer and Dance competition going on so the town was filled with college students that were there for that.

 We were glad to be in Daytona Beach rather than at home.

Friday, April 12
I went to WW for my monthly weigh in (and was at goal!!).
This was the warmest day of the week.  It was cloudy all day but nice and warm. 

 It was the only day warm enough for us to sit outside for our cocktail.
 The next day we said goodbye to Daytona Beach.

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