Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our Perfect Margarita

When we went grocery shopping the other day we bought a dozen limes - for only $1.00 USD.  They would cost $8.00 at Wegmans.  The last time we were in Cancun and wanted to make Margaritas we shopped all over for Rose's Lime Juice and no one had it and we wondererd if they had even heard of it.  We had to buy limes and then couldn't find an inexpensive juicer so we used a spoon.

This time we came prepared.  We brought our little hand juicer from home and purchased the limes on our first trip to the grocery store on Monday.  Later that day we went to the liquor store, La Europa, just up the street.  Same store we went to last time.  As we were looking for the Triple Sec we saw a bunch of Rose's mixers and there were bottles of Rose's Lime Juice.  Our mouths were watering for Margaritas by this point so we bought the Lime Juice since we could make them a lot quicker.  We got back to the room ready to make a batch of frozen margaritas only to find that the blender cover didn't fit because the blender was mishapen.  EMERGENCY call to the front desk - "We need a new blender!!"

While we were waiting, we decided to squeeze some of the limes and do a comparison test of margaritas made with limes and margaritas made with Rose's.  This is when we came up with our version of the perfect margarita.

Barb & Larry's Perfect Margarita
6 oz tequila
2 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
1 oz Rose's lime juice
2 oz triple sec

The best way to serve these is make a large batch and put them in the freezer so they're ready whenever you are and no need to dilute with ice :-)

Can try other's favorites
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6 oz tequila
4 oz fresh lime juice
2 oz cointreau (not triple sec)

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