Monday, February 27, 2012

Visit to Laura

Went to visit Laura on Thursday. 
She made a delicious fritatta for dinner.

She had to work on Friday, but the driving weather was going to be better on Thursday and thought I'd just have a free day on Friday but I did some grocery shopping and made a batch of Chicken Tortilla Soup

 On Saturday we went to the Northborough Wegmans for lunch as well as grocery shopping.  The food court is amazing.  It's like going to the buffet restaurant on a cruise ship.  There were so many different stations with so many different types of food.  AND every item had a calorie count with it.  Once you got your food, you could go to any number of rooms to eat it in and some even had large screen TVs.  At the end of our shopping, at the far end of the store from the food court is the liquor store and I got to do a little wine tasting.

While at that plaza we also went to Kohl's, Ulta and Michael's.  Next to Wegmans, we spent the most time at Kohl's and I bought a new pair of shoes and boots.  I am defintely having a shoe binge lately.

On Sunday Laura went to Zumba and I went to Yoga at the BSC and then we went to her office.

At night we watched the Academy Awards and the next day I was off to Greta's for Hunter's birthday.

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