Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Time to leave Myrtle Beach

I can't believe it's already time to pack again, get in the car and spend another 5 hours or so on the road.
I really haven't tracked what we've done for a week so before I get further behind I'll start at the ending and work my way backwards so this flow like the blog should.
Last Day - Wednesday 11.09.11
It was a beautiful weather day today and we didn't feel like going anyplace so we spent the morning doing laundry and Larry even packed.  After watching The View we went out to the pool area and went in the hot tub.  Then I soaked up the sun and listened to the book I was "reading."  We were out for a couple of hours and enjoyed the day.
 It was nice at home too.

Tuesday  11.08.11
We did a lot of things today.  Of course we couldn't do anything until I watched The View.  But after that was over, we went out to Murrell's Inlet for lunch.  We went to the same restaurant and got the exact same lunch that we did the last time we were there.
The view from our seat
 Loved watching the pelicans dive for their lunch

We stopped at Martin's and Larry resisted buying anything.  After we changed into our bathing suits we went to the hot tub and then did the Lazy River.  It was warm enough to float around in there, especially after boosting out body temperature in the spa.

Monday 11.07.11
This was the first really nice day since we got here, sunny and in the 70s.  Larry had a tee time and since my shoulder was really bothering me not only was I going to pass on golf but also taking the car and doing some shopping or sightseeing.  Instead I sat at the pool for a few hours and soaked in the spa.  When Larry came home his back was aching so it was off to the spa again.

Sunday 11.06.11
Karen and John left today.  They had a 6:45 am flight but fortunately it was the night we moved the clocks back so it felt more like 7:45.  The weather turned sunny today and since it was a week since we'd been there, it was time for a room cleaning which worked out well since then we had to pick up everything and I was able to take pictures of the place looking neat.

Thursday - Saturday 11.03.11- 11.05.11
Karen and John came Thursday afternoon and our first stop was Chic-fil-A.  Karen was determined to eat there at least once every day she was here and she succeeded.  We had dinner that night at Gordon Biersch and I wasn't as impressed by the garlic fries this year as I was last year.  We walked around Harbor Center and then headed back to our place.

On Friday we took a walk to and around Broadway at the Beach and did over 3 miles.  The Christmas decorations were all set up and there was Christmas music coming from the Ripley's Aquarium but fortunately it wasn't throughout the whole facility.

We had a very non healthy dinner of appetizers and gave Karen her photobooks.  Larry and I managed to get in our hot tubbing and 2 games of miniature golf.  Larry won the first and we tied the second after I was ahead 4-0.

Saturday was football watching in the afternoon and of course the hot tub for Larry and I.  We had a delicious dinner at the Bonefish Grill and then saw the Alabama Christmas show.

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