Sunday, July 24, 2011

Laura's Visit

Laura came to visit on Friday, July 15th but we didn't spend that much time together until the following Friday because of her other committments with friends and her Dad as well as some work stuff. We did go out for dinner Saturday night and to the Y on Sunday. Laura was going to do aerobics and I was going to do Yoga, but she FORGOT her SNEAKERS!! She did work up a sweat on the eliptical doing it with her flip flops.
It was really hot the week Laura was here so of course we had the air conditioning on.  When I went
into Laura's room I saw a big lump under the bedspread.  Do you think Sydney was trying to keep warm because she was the lump under the cover.
But on Friday, we had a mother daughter day. I started the day by going to Yoga at 6:30am and then at 9:30 we went to a Step Combo class. Later we went to Pier 45 for lunch.
 We each had a chicken sandwich with a side salad in place of fries.
Then we went out to the uncovered section and posed for some pictures because the setting was so perfect.
From there we drove down to the other side of the O'Rourke Bridge where we parked and did the River Walk (3 miles roundtrip).
On Saturday we went to Karen and John's "cottage" for dinner
On Sunday I said goodbye to Sydney and Laura.

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