Saturday, July 29, 2017

New Car

Wednesday (7/26) I went to Hoselton for service on my car.  The past few weeks the Maint Req light was on but I kept ignoring it.  I finally made an appointment and as soon as I was checked in, I was approached by someone from the service sales force asking me if I would like to look at some new cars since my lease was up in 4 months.

Friday I picked up my new car.  A 2017 RAV4, I am definitely in a rut.  This is the 5th RAV4 I've gotten but at least I got a new color.  It's dark blue and in the sunlight it looks like it has glitter sprinkled all over it.

They changed a couple of things I didn't like about the 2015.  They added back the sunglass holder over the window and the small tray in the console box.  I also like the way the direction you're going shows on the rearview mirror.  I got a hitch with it for a bike rack, now maybe I'll go somewhere with my bike, and cross bars so I could get a kayak carrier, if I want.  The safety features all came standard like a beep if you change lanes without putting on the blinkers - GUILTY and a warning if your close to other cars or walls, etc.  I also like how the car will automatically slow down when using cruise control if you get too close to the car in front of you.

No more smell from the smoothie Tucker accidentally left in the back seat that spilled down under it, although that had dissipated over time with much cleaning and air fresheners.

Note:  11/29/17 - Noticed I can open the car with thin gloves on, not sure if it will work with heavier ones but this is also a plus over the last car.

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