Friday, June 23, 2017

A Garden this Year?

For the first time since all my plants got drowned out a number of years ago I decided to plant some herbs.  But instead of planting them in pots I planted them in the ground.  When I did my last batch of plants in pots I had one lone oregano plant left over.  I was on my way to drop it in the trash and then it made me feel so guilty, after all it was just a baby, so I stuck it in the dirt alongside the garage.  It thrived.  And thrived.  And thrived.  This year we thought we pulled all of it out but it has now mingled it's way in with the mint that we can't get rid of either.

Here are some shots taken in June of the plants, although the chives died instantly and just yesterday I replaced it with a strawberry plant because I couldn't find anymore chives.
 Front row:  parsely, basil, cilantro  Back row:  rosemary, chives, missing strawberry

I did plant a tomato in a pot which is doing well.  Larry took very good care of them while I was at Greta's.
Flowers already on the tomatoes

And our apple tree is loaded with apples.  Last year we had none.  I may have mentioned that before.
June 9 - just babies

June 21 - growing up

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