Saturday, April 1, 2017

Florida - Week 3 - short week

Tuesday I met Dennis, the brother (who works at Vistana Beach) of the woman from the wine and cheese the previous Tuesday night.  Glad I got to meet him because she had already told him about the circumstances of how we had met.  If I don't explain that here now will I remember 5 years from now?? Hint:  It was at a game to meet people where you had to list some facts about yourself on a paper that was given out to others and they had to find you.

From the Beach Club we went to Orlando for a few days at the Vistana Villages before the cruise and were able to get into our favorite section.  This was probbly the first time that we were in Orlando that we didn't go to an outlet mall.  Something must be wrong with me, I seem to have lost my desire to shop.  Or maybe it was that I didn't have one inch of space in my suitcase or weight for the plane when we were going to have to fly home from Barcelona.
We left on Saturday to head to Port Canaveral and return our rental car.  On our way to return the car where we thought the rental place was we came upon it in a different location.  Our timing was perfect, we dropped the car off, got on the van to the port and almost immediately got onto the ship with no lines and very little waiting.  However, that was probably the last time we didn't have to stand in a line for the entire cruise.

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