Monday, August 6, 2012

Out of Town

On Wednesday I drove to Greta's for a couple of days.  I didn't have my usual sitting in the car for 6 hours look.  For some reason I decided to dress nicely and even put on makeup.  I must have had time to kill but it was all worth it when I got a compliment from Charles when he came home.

Thursday Greta took the day off and dropped Myles off at camp and then stopped at the bagel store in Rye with Hunter and Tucker.  Greta had a meeting and I took the boys to camp where Tucker introduced me to his counselors.
Greta and I met at the club, worked out at the fitness center and had lunch sitting outdoors.
Then we went to the Beach Club where the boys had camp and we stayed at the pool for the rest of the afternoon and then had dinner there.  It was a perfect day.

On Friday we took the boys to the dentist.  Myles is getting ready for a teeth cleaning.
Tucker is looking on waiting for his turn.
Hunter is having the orthodontist check out his teeth as Mom looks on.
After the dentist, Bev took Hunter and Tucker to camp and I went with Myles to his dive meet.

The next day I left for a quick trip to Laura's to drop off the stools that Chris gave her and they look really good in her apartment.
And we looked good in this picture.

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