Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hot and Cold

It's been really hot here lately, like most of the country and during this time I got a really bad cold.
After we took that wonderful hike in Whiting Park, we came home and Karen invited us to join her and John for dinner at the Pultneyville Grille.  Great, I thought, another night I don't have to cook.  And ten minutes later I started to feel like I was coming down with a cold.  Most of the time it goes away after some Advil so I thought it would this day too.  No such luck but it wasn't too bad although my throat felt a little scratchy.  We drove out to Pultneyville and met Karen and John who came by boat from Sodus and had a nice dinner.  I even splurged and had real meat, a filet.  I asked for it rare and it wasn't even very pink when I got it, but I thought maybe that's as rare as they're allowed to do.  It was tender though.
After dinner we said our goodbyes as we watched the boat pull away,
and on our way home we hit a deer on Lake Rd.

The next morning I woke up with a horrible cold and Larry had been up since 1:30.  It was a lost day.  I slept most of the next two days and then had some energy again on Tuesday.

Monday a tow truck came and got Larry's car.  Over $6000 worth of damage.  New radiator, fan and all the visible stuff needed to be replaced.  In my sluggish state I managed to drag myself outside to get some pictures of the only 4 month old car.

It was really hot on July 17th, a record high for that day here of 97°.  My car showed 98°

and the thermometer on the deck looked like 100° (in the shade).

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