My name is Barbara (Brokaw, Wilson) Boudens and I am the type of person who wants to know everything about everything and how to do most everything too, at least the things that I am interested in.  Because of that, I am an expert of nothing and have a blog about everything.  I find it impossible to stay focused on one thing, I easily get distracted and start something else.  Therefore the name of my current blog and probably the reason no one reads it.

I am a retired IT professional, who now works for Weight Watchers a few hours a week.  Just enough to give me a reason to get dressed before noon on some days and get away from my computer.  My goal is to write a memoir for my daughters but I seem to spend a lot of time on my other interests- everything techie, photography, crafty projects, yoga, learning to play the piano, travel . . . to avoid doing that.  At least with this blog my life is being documented as I live it.

I married my best friend in 2007, we met on match.com (everything techie) in 2004 when we were both over 60.  "Good things come to those who wait," he said in his 2nd email to me when I wrote back to him 4 months after his first email.  I am having the best time of my life with him and our combined 7 children and 15 grandchildren.  Life is great!!

If you happen to stumble across this blog I hope you find something that may be of interest.  If not, thanks for stopping by.


LW27 said...

Hi Mom. I like your "About". :)

Greta107 said...

Hey Mom, I finally just read your "about" and thought it was super cool. If I didn't already know you, I would think you sound like someone really fun and interesting to hang out with. And since I do know you, I know this to be true. I love that you have a blog! It's very cool. Love you!